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20% Off The Job Training Examples For Apprenticeships

  In the landscape of apprenticeships, a key component that sets the foundation for comprehensive skill development is the requirement of “20% Off The Job Training.” This integral part of an apprentice’s journey ensures that a significant portion of their time is invested in structured…

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6 Benefits Of Training Needs Analysis & How To Conduct An Assessment

  Implemented correctly and they can be a vehicle for performance improvement. Implemented incorrectly and they can demotivate and cost you a ton of money. What am I talking about? Well, I’m talking about a Training Needs Analysis. Some call it a TNA or Training…

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The 3 Steps To Completing A Training Needs Analysis

Many businesses find it difficult to decide what training and development is needed and importantly what the benefit of any training would be to the business as a whole, departments, teams and individuals. All too often this leads to training without impact, poor engagement by…

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