The 20 Signs Of A True Leader

Leader on woodAre you the best leader you can be?

Did you just get promoted to a leadership position and want to learn what it takes to effectively manager others?

Or are you simply evaluating your skills and seeing where you can improve?

There is a big difference between a simple supervisor and an actual leader, whereas a leader shows the following signs:

  1. A true leader shows expertise in their particular industry.

  2. A true leader is a fast typer because they must handle a ton of correspondence daily.

  3. A true leader has excellent verbal and nonverbal communication skills, being able to read and understand nonverbal cues.

  4. A true leader is a good active listener, allowing team members to speak without interrupting them or judging them.

  5. A true leader is empathetic, caring for their team.

  6. A true leader has excellent decision-making skills, able to make a quick, yet informed decision without second guessing themselves.

  7. A true leader knows how to be a great coach to help their employees develop their own skills.

  8. A true leader knows how to delegate so that they don’t micromanage employees and are not overwhelmed themselves.

  9. A true leader is ethical, aware of the country’s rules and regulations, the company’s code of conduct and simple morals.

  10. A true leader has excellent presentation skills to captivate the attention of their team, customers and investors.

  11. A true leader understand the importance of consistent, timely feedback and is invested in providing it to their workers on a regular basis.

  12. A true leader is invested in the career growth of their staff, working on goals to help them climb the corporate ladder.

  13. A true leader understands the value of empowering employees to succeed with proper training, motivation and rewards.

  14. A true leader knows how to foster trust in the team so that every single member feels comfortable working with one another.

  15. A true leader allows employees to make their own decisions so that they can learn from their mistakes.

  16. A true leader gives their employees the power to pick their own schedules, offering unlimited vacations, flexible schedules and remote work so employees can work whenever and wherever it suits them best.

  17. A true leader has excellent conflict resolution skills, recognising that conflict is not negative and opens up a chance for improved communication and teamwork.

  18. A true leader understands the importance of training employees in the latest industry skills to keep them competitive in the marketplace.

  19. A true leader makes decisions together with them team, trusting them enough to see them as equal experts in the field.

  20. A true leader encourages employees to use their creativity to innovate the status quo.

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Updated on: 17 November, 2017

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