The 3 Main Reasons Why Team Building Should Be Done Off-Site

team sitting in a lessonTeam building activities and events should be interwoven in your company culture.

Effective teamwork has been proven to offer a myriad of benefits to your organisation, such as more productivity, higher sales, better team cohesion, happier company culture, less employee turnover and more loyal employees.

There are various ways to promote teamwork, but there are three main reasons why team building should be done off-site rather than in the office because:

You Can Utilise Physical Exercise

Office buildings are typically crowded and offer little room to move, which is why it is nearly impossible to introduce physical exercises in an indoor environment.

Why do physical activities help promote team building?

Because “there’s incredible value in working together in a different realm,” according to one source.

In “a physical challenge, like getting people over a wall, the team has to capitalise on people’s logistical minds and physical strength.

Such exercises allow team members to see each other in a different light and abilities emerge that may not be apparent in day-to-day budget meetings.”

Plus, physical activity gets our natural chemicals, called endorphins, pumping, which lead to better moods and an all around good time.

Promote Creativity

We are all so used to the insides of our offices, that it’s become boring and mundane.

However, meeting with colleagues in a different environment to build teamwork can spark our creativity.

For example, an outdoor area such as a park or botanical garden can provide access to trees, nature, birds, the sky and falling leaves.

These elements can foster an element of relaxation and a different outlook, helping employees connect better and improve their working styles.

More Relaxing

The office is always full of distractions, from checking our emails to having clients unexpectedly show up, it’s difficult for employees to fully concentrate on team building when they are at their workplace.

No matter how you look at it, the office promotes a certain need to be proper, professional and formal.

An offsite meeting allows employees to drop the formalities and truly relax and unwind.

Whether you choose to hold the team building activities in a bowling alley or a local restaurant, the ability to be offsite will help the employees see each other in new lights outside of the workplace.

When individuals are more relaxed, they are more open to getting to know each other, asking questions and forming relationships that can benefit office life.

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Updated on: 1 December, 2017

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