3 Ways To Keep Your Staff Loyal

Staff retention conceptLoyalty is important in our personal lives; we expect it from our partners, family and friends.

However, loyalty is just as important in the workplace due to the fact that managers rely on their employees to do honest work, not divulge sensitive company information and to stick it out with the company for years to come.

How do you accomplish all that?

With the following tips:

Show That You Care

Loyalty is a two-way street.

Unfortunately, many leaders forget that and expect their workers to show blind loyalty to their boss and job without any reciprocation.

While in years past employees had to work at jobs for decades because the competitor choices were limited, that could not be further from the truth in today’s world.

You must show your employees that you care about them, their mental and physical well being and their personal goals if you expect them to be loyal.

Develop a relationship with them and work with them to improve their skills so they can grow in the position to earn their loyalty.

Prove That You Are A Competent Leader

Employees must be confident in the power of their leadership as well as the stability of their company in order to be loyal.

It’s hard to be loyal to an incompetent boss who doesn’t seem to know what they’re doing, or to a company that is unethical or may be going out of business.

Individuals need to feel secure in trusting the person they work for.

“Confidence in leadership is something you don’t hear much about in connection with loyalty,” according to executive feedback in a Darwin survey. “However, if people have confidence in their leaders they will have confidence in their future.”

Promote Trust

There is no loyalty without trust, and your workers must be able to fully trust you for that to occur.

First, you must do your best to always come through on your promises, whether they have to do with promotions, raises, time off, etc.

Second, you must be open and upfront with your staff members if you are unable to keep your promises or have made a mistake.

People easily forgive an honest person, but they are not as forgiving when an issue is covered up.

When you create a trusted circle between you and your team members, loyalty will flourish, which will increase productivity, make for a better corporate culture and increase productivity!

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Updated on: 3 November, 2017

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