5 Different Ways To Become A Top Manager

top five starsThere are different levels of managers, from basic supervisors to executives and C-suite members.

Once you have started climbing the corporate ladder, you should set your sights high and learn the five different ways you can grow your career to become a top manager in your firm.


Do you ever read quotes from top executives or spokespeople of an organisation in an online article or press release?

Do you notice how intelligent they sound, how calm and how expressive?

There is a certain level of communication fluency you must achieve in order to become a top manager.

This involves many different things, starting with knowing the detailed industry jargon associated with your field.

It also means you need to practice anger management so that you can respond to any situation, regardless of how stressful it is in a calm and collected manner.

Finally, top managers are able to communicate and show respect to a person from all walks of life, from the lowest-level employee to the most VIP client!


The higher up the management chain you climb, the more diverse responsibilities you will have.

This means that you will never be able to accomplish anything if you do not learn early on how to effectively delegate tasks down the chain of command.

In order to pass down work and be confident that it will get done right, you must familiarise yourself with the strength and weaknesses of your team members.

That way, you will know who can handle what type of work.


With so many tasks to accomplish, it’s not uncommon for managers to get lost in the shuffle and drop the ball on an important project.

To make sure that you don’t forget all of your responsibilities and dedicate enough time to complete projects to your full satisfaction, you must learn how to prioritise.

This involves keeping track of all that is due and the effective days, and periodically reviewing that list to move the most important and pressing items to the top of that list so they achieve the highest priority.

Create Positive Relationships

In a majority of the cases, a top manager is elected with the feedback from the other staff members.

A lowly supervisor who is not liked by their subordinates will rarely get promoted even higher.

As such, you must make it a priority to get to know and form meaningful, positive relationships with your team members.

This involves honesty, transparency, trust and appreciation for one another.

Become an Expert in Your Field

Becoming a top manager is not just about dealing with people, although that is a big part of the position.

It also is highly involved with the actual industry in which you work.

You must become and maintain your expertise in the field to be credible.

This involves attending courses, reading blogs and articles, networking and staying on top of the latest developments.

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Updated on: 6 March, 2018

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