Change Management

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How Do You Know If Change Is What’s Needed?

Sometimes you wonder whether change is necessary within your department, and the factors driving change may be counteracted by factors resisting it. How do you work out the results before taking the action? Kurt Lewin may have the answer for you. Lewin was an American…

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The Three Types Of Change

They say that change is the only constant, and this phrase is especially relevant to the management world! We face change as managers every single day and we have the responsibility of guiding our teams successfully through these changes unscathed. (more…)

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Labour Turnover: 6 Ways It Benefits Your Organisation

As a manager or human resources employee you will find yourself passively concerned with employee turnover rates. Your company may not experience a huge turnover rate (which is a good thing), but if you do experience turnover it should not be viewed as a terrible…

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Change Management: Types of Change

Before you can effectively manage change within your organisation you must realise that there several different categories of change. The three main types include: Developmental change Transitional change Transformational change (more…)

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