The Three Types Of Change

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They say that change is the only constant, and this phrase is especially relevant to the management world!

We face change as managers every single day and we have the responsibility of guiding our teams successfully through these changes unscathed.

In order to carry this task out successfully, it is essential that you recognise the different types of change that exist.

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There are three types of change that all managers have to be aware of: these are Developmental Change; Transitional Change and Transformational Change.

Firstly, there is Developmental Change; this occurs when you recognise a need to make improvements to an existing situation.

You aren’t recreating the entire workflow but are instead refining it to make it better.

Secondly there is Transitional Change; this happens when you recognise the need to implement a completely new course of action.

You have a set plan for making this change happen and are able to control the implementation process over a designated period of time.

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And finally you can experience Transformational Change.

This isn’t necessarily something that you control as much as you recognise and survive.

A new process or “norm” creates itself as a result of the failure of another and usually takes its own shape. You can, of course, refine it as it develops but it is not usually planned.

Being able to recognise the three types of change should help you to develop your own Change Management skills. It’s no wonder that managing change is one of the most popular topics that we cover on our Management Training Courses and our Management Development Programmes. Change is the only constant. If you can identify the type of change occurring in your workplace, you’ll be better able to control the reactions your team members have to those changes.

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Updated on: 21 April, 2009

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