How Does A New Manager Build Successful Teams?

Cartoon team buildingWhen new managers start on the job, they usually have a hard task of assembling a team. Whether this requires utilising existing employees, or adding new members, this process is not always as smooth as one would like it to be.

Existing employees can be resistant to a change in leadership, and not respect or follow your directives. New members can be inexperienced, not knowing how to properly get the job done.

These issues can become a huge hinderance to a new manager, not allowing him or her to successfully lead a department.

There are surefire ways to build a successful team with these steps.

Interview Existing Employees – The number one aspect to assembling a good team is getting the right people. People make up your team, so it’s imperative to pick the smartest members.

Start by interviewing the existing employees in your department. As silly as it may seem to interview those already employed, as a new manager, you are, in a sense, choosing any and all members.

As a leader, you need to make sure that the workers on your team respect your authority, share your vision and follow your plan.

During the interview process, ask the tough questions, and watch and listen to the answers. If you feel that a certain employee is not the right fit for your new group, don’t be afraid to replace him or her.

Add New Members – Once you have gone through the process of picking and choosing existing workers, take the time to add new members that will add something to the team.

Whether in terms of diversity or experience, new employees will shake up the existing group and provide a fresh perspective.

Build Trust – Once you have assembled the right team, you need to build trust, not just between your group and yourself, but also between the employees.

There are a multitude of trust building exercises you can try, many of which you can find on the website of The Link Building Directory.

However, what is most important to remember is that trust takes time; to build it, you must promote honesty, transparency, reliability and communication between yourself and your group.

Lead – New managers especially, have to remember that as the head of the team, they need to take the reigns and lead.

They can decide what kind of leaders they want to be, whether it be dictators or democratic heads, but whatever the choice is, still requires them to take control. Not being able to do so will cause disrespect from the employees, making it difficult to control the team in the future.

One of the first priorities of new managers needs to be to set up a successful team. Without a good group, supervisors will not be able to be productive and get their work done. While this may require time and effort, it is essential for the success of not just the group, but the company as a whole.

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Updated on: 27 March, 2015

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