Improving Organisational Effectiveness Through Transformational Leadership

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Transformational leadership occurs when both leaders and their followers (e.g. employees) help one another and work with each other to achieve greater levels of integrity and motivation.

So how can we use this to improve organisational effectiveness? Read on to learn more.

Model what you want to see

Transformational leaders recognise the need to be a role model of the behaviours they are looking for. They ‘walk the talk’ and demonstrate openly and regularly their philosophy for the organisation. A great example of this is where they treat their employees as their best customer. They show how much they value the contribution made by the people. This extremely positive attitude towards people who work for them sets the level and this is in turn is passed on to the customer.

Openly showing their passion for the organisation will attract people to their values and themselves.

Show interest in helping employees reach their own goals in life

People will be more motivated to do that little bit extra if they feel the organisation is also interested in them as individuals and their goals in life. The transformational leader encourages its followers to share with their managers what they would like to achieve. In turn the organisation will help them to achieve it. Transforming people involves helping them to reach their true potential.

Listen to employees and their ideas

The most effective organisations know that innovation is the key to survival by being better than the competition. Transformational leaders know that in order to encourage innovation they must listen to the ideas of their employees even the idea does not initially seem attractive.

A great way to check the validity of an idea may be to talk it through and ‘try it on for size’. What merits does it have? What limitations might it have and how could we overcome them?

Help people to take responsibility

People do not learn just by being told what to do. They need to work through challenges and make effective decisions. Teach them and guide how to do this in a structured and cost effective way.

Rather than say ‘It is quicker to do this myself’, take the time to ask them questions like, ‘How would you go about this?’ ‘What options do you have?’ ‘What are the pro’s and con’s of each option?’ ‘Which is the best option based upon this analysis?’

Once you have done this help them reach a final decision and agree a plan of action. Each time they ask for help go through this simple process until they know what to expect. Encourage them to do this preparation until they come to with solutions and their own recommendations.

In this way you are not only teaching them a work skill but a life skill too.

Using a transformational leadership approach to leading your organisation will help people to take more responsibility and ultimately make them more effective. If you would like help in developing your leadership style contact us now to see the options available to you.

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