Management Courses
Facilitators running a managers training event

Delivered at various locations throughout the UK. All levels from Team Leader to MD.

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In-House Training
Delegates working on a training exercise

Bespoke, customised training based around your exact requirements and needs.

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Relaxed informal IT business startup company meeting. Team leader discussing and brainstorming new approaches and ideas with colleagues. Startup business and entrepreneurship concept.

5 Key Qualities Of A Team Leader

Becoming a team leader is often people’s first experience of management responsibility. With many team leaders being promoted from within ...
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Communication Skills vs. Interpersonal Skills

Previously, we have discussed the various skills important to effective management. Each is important as you work on your personal ...
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Road Barrier With Hard Hat And Traffic Cone On Laptop Keypad

Why Identifying Barriers To Communication Can Help You

We’ve all come across those situations where we think we’ve communicated effectively and yet it’s obvious there’s been some mis-interpretation ...
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