Advanced Communication Skills Training

Take your communication skills to the next level and become a master communicator with everyone that you meet

Advanced Communication Skills Course

Take your communication game to the next level

“This is an “Elite Masterclass Course” in

the art of communicating, networking,

motivating & building rapport”

Course Overview

This two-day in-house advanced communication skills course is bespoke to individuals within a company who would like to develop their advanced skills in this key component of management and leadership.

It is the one skill that team members say they prize over all others: the ability to communicate messages in all circumstances and situations, and identify where it can and often does go wrong. The way people need communicating with depends on their learning style, their preferences for taking in information and their ability to filter the incorrect information from the correct.

The programme goes beyond what most courses cover in terms of communication skills, and highlights those 21st century techniques that get real results in the work environment.

You will learn how other people think and compute information, so you’ll be able to effectively personalise communication in the best way for the receivers and for yourself.


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Who Will Benefit From The Course?

  • Senior, middle and junior managers who have the ability to communicate and who want to be even better.

What Will You Gain From the Course?

  • How communication actually works between humans, and why it can go wrong
  • How people’s different learning styles affect the way they communicate and take in information
  • How we build relationships with others
  • How we become confident communicators ourselves
  • What impact verbal and non-verbal information has on people’s understandings of our messages
  • How eye-movements can send messages non-verbally
  • How to see hear and feel others’ representational systems
  • How we can see others’ points of view and understand the
  • How we can be assertive and co-operative in our approaches with people


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Sample Course Content

Here is an example of our advanced communication skills courses we have run before. Your course would be bespoke to your specific needs:

  • What Is Communication?
  • The Communication Process
  • Why Communication Goes Wrong
  • Filter Systems – What The Brain Does With Information
  • Rules Of Effective Communication
  • Meta-Programs & How They Apply To Business Settings
  • Internal Representational Systems
  • How People Represent Language In Their Mind
  • Techniques To Communicate With People On Their Level
  • Eliciting Thinking Patterns Through Eye Movements
  • Tailoring Your Communications Via What You See And Hear
  • Achieving Excellent Feedback Standards
  • 8 Tips On How To Give Feedback That Works
  • Action Planning & Effectively Working With Advanced Communication In The Workplace


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