The 3 Main Benefits For A Manager When Empowering Your Staff

Empower Encourage MotivateThere is so much advice for managers on how to empower their staff.

Sources explain how this process can reduce employee turnover, raise moral and productivity and create a better company culture.

However, most leaders are busy with their day-to-day responsibilities, and simply don’t have the time to research and implement staff empowerment techniques.

The thing is that when managers empower their staff, they benefit from it more than anyone else!

Read below to find out what you will gain when your staff are empowered, and educate yourself about how you can improve the status quo at the office today!

More Free Time

What happens when your staff are property trained, know what is expected of them and are encouraged to think for themselves, problem solve and create innovation?

An efficient team that is self sufficient and productive.

What does this mean for the team leader?

More free time!

When your employees are empowered to succeed in their roles, you are free from micromanaging, providing nonstop direction and looking over their shoulder.

You can delegate more work, and feel confident that it will get done right and on time.

This means that you will find yourself with more hours to spend on more-pressing tasks, such as growing your department and planning ahead to beat the competition.

Less Stress

Every manager has dealt with a situation where a project that is due the next morning is done entirely all wrong.

It’s never fun to pull an all nighter, but all leaders can attest to having to stress to fix a last minute mistake.

It’s also incredibly frustrating to have to repeat yourself over and over and be asked the most rudimentary questions.

The problem is that employees that don’t trust themselves and are not confident in their abilities to perform their job will nag the boss with endless concerns.

To lower your stress levels, spend some time empowering your staff to believe in themselves and learn ways to work as a team before having to come to you.

This will create a calm and peaceful working environment for everyone involved, especially you!

Higher Bonuses

An empowered team is faster, better and stronger.

These individuals are ready to work, meeting challenges head on and not being intimidated by problems.

They are trained, mentored and motivated to succeed.

This attitude and behaviour creates an unstoppable force that not only completes tasks, but does so better and quicker than ever before.

When you empower your staff, you win because you will be recognised for your performance.

This likely means higher year-end bonuses and a possible promotion for you, and maybe your entire department.

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Updated on: 30 June, 2017

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