An Exercise in Ethics

Some of you may have heard these questions before but I think they’re a fun way to bring the true consequences of unethical thinking into light. Consider each of the following questions and be honest – you’re the only one who will know your answers.

  1. A pregnant woman already has eight children. Three are deaf, two blind, and one mentally retarded. The pregnant woman herself has syphilis. Should she have an abortion?
  2. The world is going to elect one leader and you have the deciding vote. Each candidate has his own qualities: Candidate A associates with astrologers and questionable politicians, has had affairs, smokes, and drinks heavily. Candidate B was kicked out of office two times, sleeps late into the day, drinks heavily, and used opium in college. Candidate C is a decorated war hero, non-smoker, vegetarian, occasional drinker, and has been faithful in all of his relationships. Who would you choose?

Do you have your answers?

First, if you answered YES to recommending an abortion you would have killed Beethoven.

As for the politicians. The first is Franklin D. Roosevelt, the second Winston Churchill, and the third Adolph Hitler.

The point here is that there is always more to a decision than meets the eye. It’s important to ask questions and make educated decisions rather than jumping to conclusions based on the initial set of facts given to us. Sometimes those gathering the facts are biased or they’re just plain misleading. It’s up to you to sort fact from fiction and make the most ethical decisions possible.

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Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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