Why Should Managers Implement Coaching And Mentoring With Their Team?

creative team applaudingFrom birth until well into our twenties and even thirties, we are expected to grow not only physically, but mentally and intellectually.

We attend school and are given advice by elders in order to become positive members of society.

However, that quest for knowledge often stops in our adulthood once we get a job.

As managers, we must understand the importance of continually helping our employees to improve their work skills, ethics and prospects.

It is not only in their best interests, but in ours to focus on employee development and strategise on how to make our workers be better versions of themselves.

Two excellent strategies that employers can focus on is mentoring and coaching their team members. Each one has various benefits that can play a positive role in the organisation.

What is Mentorship?

A mentorship programme connects newbies with experienced colleagues.

This is usually a voluntary programme that allows employees to pair up in order to help one another.

While the typical thinking focuses on the value the new employees get from their partners, it is actually a symbiotic relationship.

While the more experienced staffers offer their view on the skills and knowledge needed to succeed, as well as their connections; the younger generation also has something to offer.

They can share their new and often innovative perspectives that can challenge traditional ways of getting things done!

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process that involves a professional coach or simply the manager and their staff.

Throughout coaching sessions, the coach focuses on the goals of the trainees to help them develop their aptitudes and skills to perform better on the job.

This can involve learning a new software programme, being more productive, implementing a new customer service training, etc.

Why Should Managers Coach and Mentor their Staff?

The true answer is: why not?

These two strategies show your employees that you are invested in their success and future.

Individuals are much more loyal to their jobs when they feel valued and are continuously challenged by learning new things.

Plus, it will help your company if your staff members are better and more efficient in their jobs.

The more time and effort you put into teaching your workers new and important advances in your industry, helping them manage their own behaviours to be on time, have better communication and manage their calendars, the more value they will bring to your firm!

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Senior Management Trainer and Consultant

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Updated on: 3 May, 2018

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