Finance For Non Financial
Managers Training Course

Training for managers who need an awareness of finance and a more commercial outlook

Finance For Non Financial Managers Training Course

Training for managers who need an awareness of finance and a more commercial outlook

Improve Your Commercial Awareness

Finance For Non Finance Managers Overview

Managers often fall behind when it comes to finance.

More often than not this is due to a lack of understanding, jargon, fear of finance and figures, and an inability to see the importance of a financial strategy and how it will impact on their behaviour and decision making.

Likewise, managers who are comfortable and competent in understanding and managing the financial aspects of their day-to-day business benefit from improved business skills and performance, internal respect from colleagues and senior management, enhanced external relations, better cash flow management and ultimately improved career prospects.

For those with little or no formal training in finance, this highly interactive course concentrates on the principles, tools and techniques of financial management.

Below are indicative Finance For Non Finance Managers training topics.

Select which ones you would like to make up your course or tell us what you need.

Managers working together to understand finance and commercials

Indicative Content

An Introduction To Financial Reporting

  • Accounting standards and financial reporting
  • Understanding the jargon
  • Building a common financial language

The Balance Sheet

  • Understanding different assets and liabilities
  • About fixed assets
  • Current assets and liabilities – what they are and how to improve them
  • Benchmarking and comparators
  • Key ratios and trends

The Income & Expenditure Statement

  • The key components of the income and expenditure statement
  • Analysing key ratios and trends
  • Managing different types of costs and their behaviour
  • Analysing income streams
  • Improving profitability and productivity
  • The power of 1%

Management Accounts

  • What management accounts should tell us
  • How these figures contribute to the overall performance
  • Managing the cash flow as well as the costs
  • Managing variances and making any necessary improvement

Budgeting & Forecasting

  • The principles of forecasting and budgeting
  • Revenue budgets
  • Budgeting for projects – how to do a cost-benefit analysis
  • Capital expenditure
  • Where budgeting can go wrong and how to avoid the principal problems
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