Personal Development
Advice & Tips

We offer two types of open courses. One for those who are new to the role or have had no formal experience and the other for those who have had training or lots of experience and want to take their game to the next level.

Personal Development
Advice & Tips

The most successful managers invest heavily in their management training. We’re not talking about money here. Instead, we’re talking about their ongoing commitment to improving their personal skills.

From time management through to improving their presentation skills and everything in between, the modern-day manager needs to keep at the leading edge of the latest and greatest personal development tools available.

So, this includes you! Our personal development hub provides you with useful personal development tips, advice, techniques and strategies to keep you ahead of the game and your skills sharp.

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5 Interpersonal Skills ALL Effective Managers Need

When new managers are appointed, employers often evaluate their technical skills or industry-related experience before hiring them.

Management Courses

Click below for our upcoming management training courses.

From beginner to advanced, we have a course to help you to take your game to the next level.

Our courses are accredited and come with a lot of resources to help you embed the learning back in the workplace.

Communication Skills vs. Interpersonal Skills

Previously, we have discussed the various skills important to effective management.

Each is important as you work on your personal management skills and leadership development.

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The 3 Different Types Of Interpersonal Roles

Let’s take a closer look at a manager’s interpersonal roles.

As a manager, your interpersonal roles will be dictated by the type of position you hold.

7 Key Causes Of Conflict In The Workplace

Conflict is a part of life and is as normal as breathing. As human beings we are so unique from each other with different needs that it is amazing we don’t have more disagreements!

7 Ways To Overcome Barriers To Communication

Communication barriers exist all around us. Misinterpretations abound in our discussions with team members. We delete, distort and generalise information in every conversation.

5 Reasons Why Decision Making Skills Are So Important In Management

Having the ability to make a quick, yet good decision is imperative in all life situations.

Delegation Skills: How To Use The SMART System

While most managers realise that part of the skills they should possess is delegation, not all know how to do so successfully.

Time Management Tips – Infographic

Sometimes it really does seem as though there isn’t enough hours in the day to get all of your work done, and if you don’t keep on top of your workload it can easily spiral out of your control.

Is A Sabbatical Best For Your Career?

Most full-time employees in the UK are obligated to receive 5.6 weeks (28 days) of paid holiday leave (also known as statutory leave entitlement or annual leave).

Online Management Skills Course

Build a solid foundation in management skills with our online course. 13 modules that cover all of the essential skills that you need.

Work through at your own pace and on any device. This course is accredited with the CPD.

Improve your skills and gain a certification at the same time with no time away from the office!

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