Be Clear When You Communicate

Have you ever said or heard statements like these? “It’s not far now” “We need it quickly” “I’ll call you soon”

Improve Your Management By Active Listening

In a previous blog, we discussed the benefits of listening effectively, a communications skill highly prized in all business settings. By improving our listening skills, we prove ourselves knowledgeable and create excellent rapport with the person we’re speaking to.

How To Ensure Teamwork Works

What are the characteristics of High-Performing teams? Many companies have asked us to help build efficiencies and effectiveness within their teams, and we have noticed key similarities between the most successful ones. Here is our list of characteristics of team that tend to do well in all sorts of organisations:

How To Make Strategic Planning Work

Many managers practice strategic planning because it offers a clear vision and direction for their department. It’s necessary because, without it, you are driving in the dark with no lights. You’ll get to your destination, maybe, but it will be difficult and take a lot of effort and concentration. So why should strategic planning be[…..]

How To Show Good Listening Skills

In a previous blog, we spoke of the barriers that exist when you are listening to another person. We know that listening is a key skill that great communicators have mastered, so it’s good to address the issues that occur in listening, and see what we can do about them.

How To Prepare For Recruiting New Staff

Recruit in haste, repent in leisure! That’s certainly very true when you need new people in your team. When you are looking for a new person, it can be tempting to just place an ad or ask for resumes to be sent in from your favourite job websites. But there’s a better way to plan[…..]

Improve Your Listening Skills

Have you ever been interrupted? Hah, silly question! How do you feel when it happens? Most people say they feel frustrated and disrespected by the other person. Psychologically, their self-worth goes down, as they feel the other person cares more about their own point of view than yours. And you know how you feel when[…..]

When To Lead, When To Manage

When should you lead and when should you manage? This age-old question has been asked by many people on our programmes. Our short answer is…it depends on the situation. Whether you show adequate leadership skills or display excellent management abilities will be determined by the results you are trying to achieve. Management and leadership are[…..]

The Best Way To Provide Quality Service

How do you know if you are offering excellent customer service? Most companies tell us they use focus groups, surveys, response cards, mystery shopping, etc, and all these are valuable to create an awareness of exactly hat you’re doing right and wrong. But unless you use another, cheaper, closer-to-home method, you might be missing a[…..]

Managing Your Boss When They Are Stressed

You’re under pressure, but your boss may be under even more! How can you deal with a boss who may be stressed and taking it out on you? Well, think first what it is that is actually causing the frustration. Be aware of the pressures they are under. Is it a client problem? Financial difficulties?[…..]