Communication Skills Masterclass – Part 4

Our last part of our Communication Skills Masterclass highlights how to be the type of communicator that people remember…for the right reasons! Many people assume that because they have spoken, the other person has heard them, interpreted them correctly and understood them. Well, remember that the quality of our communication is judged by the response[…..]

Communication Skills Masterclass – Part 3

In Part One and Part Two, we discussed the need to listen effectively and get the real gist of what the other person is saying before earning the right to reply. Here, we discuss how we can put a message together so that it is tailored for the audience (one or more people) and enable[…..]

Communication Skills Masterclass – Part 2

In Part 1, we discussed the symptoms of poor listening and what makes us miss what the other person is saying. Here, we outline the skills you need to overcome the barriers that we put up when communicating with people.

Communication Skills MasterClass – Part 1

I’m going to share some of my favourite communication skills techniques with you, so read on for some guidelines and ideas that will help in all your communications in the future. Firstly, we are going to look at Listening Skills and why they are so important.

When Does Change Happen? Here’s The Formula

I came across an interesting equation fora management recently, and it clarifies why some change management programmes fail and others succeed. It was developed by Dave Gleicher and enhanced by Dick Beckhard and others. Simply put, it states…

How Good Are Your Multi-Tasking Skills?

Many people think the best way to get things done and produce more is to muti-task. Laura Stack thinks we have bought into what she calls the myths of multi-tasking; that is, we are doing more than one thing at a time, and we’re increasing our efficiency and productivity by working more quickly. What we[…..]

The Antidotes To Change Resistance

Here are four techniques can lessen the emotional and cultural challenges of achieving strategic transformations in organisations. So many market dynamics affect the way businesses operate today.  To survive and thrive, companies not only must identify the right new strategy, but also must employ it quickly so it reaches all levels of the organisation.

Lessons From Steve Jobs

This week’s sad news about Steve Jobs has made me realise what a massive impact his genius has had on my life. His inventions are littered around my desk and home. His legacy will last long into a future he personally has shaped. Think back on what accomplished. In the three years up to 2005,[…..]

Business Changes But Some Things Stay The Same

I’ve been asked to talk at a conference about how business has changed in the last ten years. Boy oh boy, where do I start? It made me think about the changes in how businesses run today. But it also made me think about some consistencies. What are those things that have actually NOT changed?[…..]