One Of The Most Critical People Issues Facing Businesses Today

A question for you…. What would you consider to be one of the most critical people issues facing businesses today? Wow, that should make you stop in your tracks! When I spend time with managers of businesses I consult with, and the subject comes round to challenges they face in everyday business, the subject of[…..]

How Does Your Leadership CV Read?

Keeping your CV up to date does not mean you are looking for another job. I am often asked for my CV to form part of a proposal for training or consultancy work. Updating your CV regularly also reminds you how much or how little CPD (Continuing Professional Development) work you have done recently.

No ‘Performance’ No Pay!

A lot has been talked about in the years since the banking crisis about performance related pay, mainly in connection with huge bonuses for people who already enjoy high salaries. In some cases shareholders have revolted and blocked bonuses, where in other cases bosses have publicly refused to accept theirs for fear of a backlash.[…..]

Mentoring – The Benefits To The ‘Mentor’

The value of mentoring as part of a personal development programme is well known and documented. True mentoring involves a senior member of staff taking a junior member of staff (ideally from another part of the business or organisation), under their wing.

Why Every Senior Manager & Leader Should Write A Weekly Blog

All managers and leaders I speak with say they never have enough time, so why am I adding to their burden by saying they must write a blog? The answer is quite simple, it is a perfect communication channel to let staff know what you are thinking and to convey and reinforce core messages. Spending[…..]

I Need More Time!

I often ask leaders and managers what the biggest challenge they face each week is? The most popular answer I get by far is “I don’t have enough time!” I have written many blogs on time management before so either these people haven’t read them, the ideas they contained don’t work (as if), or they[…..]

Motivation Dips – Spotting Early & Avoiding

This article title has been requested by one of our regular readers, so glad to oblige. If you would like to request a subject then please let us know. This blog will assume that the person concerned already has a key goal and that they are passionate and motivated to achieve it. If that is[…..]

Pre/Post-Nuptial Agreements – Practicality “Kills” Romance!

A new law is being drafted that, if ratified, will bring legally-recognised “qualifying nuptial agreements” (PNA) into effect. Under the current law, couples can already opt to make pre-and post-nuptial agreements but they are not binding and the parties can’t be certain they will be upheld.

What Are Your ‘Barriers To Learning’?

As a trainer and educator I’m in the learning business and in one form or another I’ve been in this business for over thirty years. During that time one thing has always puzzled me and I still have no definitive answer, so I wonder if you can help?