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Paper with Motivated wording

How To Motivate Your Team Without Money

Paper with Motivated wording As a manager, you probably know that motivating your team can go a long way in helping them achieve goals faster and better.

However, when was the last time you made an effort to do so?

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Businessman with digital coaching button

The 5 Steps To Successful Coaching

Businessman with digital coaching buttonCoaching employees requires both time and money, but there are no guarantees of results.

Whether you are choosing to coach your staff yourself or decide to hire a pricey professional, there are steps you can take to make it more of a success.

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Work safety book

144 Staff Members Killed At Work in 2017/18

Work safety bookI came across some interesting research this morning from The Health & Safety Executive which you might be interested in.

As managers we all need to ensure a safe working environment not only for our staff but for our customers and suppliers as well.

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Businessman pressing yes, no or maybe buzzers

Top 5 Tips When Making A Big Decision

Businessman pressing yes, no or maybe buzzersAs humans, we can’t predict the future, and as such, we always take a chance when we make a decision.

We can’t know its outcome, so every choice leads to an unknown.

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Boss being ignored by his employee

3 Things To Do When An Employee Isn’t Listening To You

Boss being ignored by his employeeExperienced managers know all too well the frustration that occurs when an employee doesn’t listen to them.

There are stellar employees who understand everything from the first time and carry out the instructions to a tee.

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Angry business woman

The 4 Best Anger Management Tips

Angry business womanYour peace of mind is a terrible thing to waste!

That may not be exactly how the original saying goes, but surely no one will disagree with this updated one.

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Businessman coaching team

How To Get Your Team To Coach Others

Businessman coaching teamThere are insurmountable benefits to coaching your employees at the workplace.

However, there is only one of you and many of them, which makes it nearly impossible to pass on everything that you know to your staff.

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Businessmen discussing performance

6 Things To Do Before An Employee Appraisal

Businessmen discussing performanceIf you have impending appraisals with your team, the time to start planning is now.

Once the workers are in your office, it’s too late to prepare for a productive appraisal and here’s hoping you have had some useful appraisal training as well.

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