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Businessperson doing research

This Is THE Most Important Investment You Can Make With Your Time

Businessperson doing researchWhen managers attend our training programmes, we often ask the question, “In the last year, how many CDs on management have you listened to, how many DVDs on management have you watched, how many YouTube videos on management have you researched, how many TED talks have you downloaded, how many podcasts have you listened to on management, how many books on management or leadership have you read and how many articles have you saved on leadership or management?”

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Boss promoting business woman

How To Get People Ready For Promotion Before Being Promoted

Boss promoting business woman Many surveys have shown that growth and development are two of the driving forces behind people’s engagement at work, helping them benefit and get rewarded for the hard work and effort they put into their jobs.

How do people benefit from that extra discretionary effort?

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Team engaging in team work

Have You Got Happy & Satisfied Employees?… It’s Not Enough!

Team engaging in team workThe degree to which a person is ‘engaged’ with their work can make a massive difference to the morale, productivity and atmosphere of your department.

Kevin Kruse says that employee engagement does not mean employee happiness, or employee satisfaction.

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Talent management building blocks

How Do You Attract, Retain & Increase Talent Within Your Team?

Talent management building blocksIf I were to ask what was the biggest challenge facing you as a manager today, many replies would cover the inability to attract, retain and maintain talented individuals to their teams.

Ask yourself if the strategies you are currently employing are enabling your most talented individuals to build a career platform with you.

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Business trends on wooden blocks

What Do The Emerging Trends Mean To Today’s Managers?

Business trends on wooden blocksAccording to a white paper launched jointly by commercial real estate services and investment firm CBRE and Genesis, a leading real estate innovator, we are facing a revolution in the workplace.

The paper—Fast Forward 2030: The Future of Work and the Workplace—is based on interviews with experts, business leaders and people from Asia Pacific, Europe and North America, and covers a broad range of topics including how workplaces will change and how employees themselves are changing.

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Digital business trends

10 Management Ideas For The Next Decade

Digital business trendsSo much is being written about the 2020’s that sometimes we lose track of what’s going on in the present.

But it’s good to think ahead because it gives us a chance to build the skills we need to deal with the massive changes that are happening all around us, and become more creative in how we handle them.

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Digital drawing of delegation

3 Ways To Delegate Difficult Tasks

Digital drawing of delegationDelegation skills are necessary for effective leadership and productivity within your department.

The ability to understand the company’s goals and break them down into manageable tasks is imperative to getting things done on time and correctly.

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Manager with confused team

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Employees Don’t Understand The Task

Manager with confused teamA company relies on its employees to be productive and efficient when it comes to their tasks.

The quicker and better your workers are able to implement their duties, the more products or services you can offer, thereby raising profits.

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