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Boss congratulating employee

How To Specifically Express Appreciation For A Good Job

Boss congratulating employeePraise and recognition have often been stated as a key motivational practice for many people.

Why? Because being recognised for doing a good job strokes our ego, builds on our self-esteem, creates goodwill between the two people, develops self-worth and makes our self-confidence do a lap of honour.

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Businessman holding a lightbulb

How To Be Part Of The Solution, Not The Problem

Businessman holding a lightbulbYou’ve no doubt heard the expression that we should be part of the solution, not the problem.

And I’m sure we all agree that would be the best way to work.

The question is…how?

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Manager shaking hands with an employee

How To Boost Morale, Self-Esteem & Confidence In A Team Member

Manager shaking hands with an employeeWhy was management invented?

That seems a strange question, doesn’t it? Surely management isn’t an invention!  Surely it developed in response to industrial needs and was built over a period of time!

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Virgin Plane

Inside The Mind Of Richard Branson & What We Can Learn From It

Virgin PlaneWhat makes us who we are?

Naturally, it’s a mixture of our genetic makeup and our nurtured experiences.

Some of our responses are based on our genes, but many of them are learned as we go along in life, conditioned in the main by who we meet, what we do and how we interpret what happens to us.

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Business people around a table

Here’s A Trick To Make Your Meetings More Memorable

Business people around a tableHow many of you really look forward to taking meetings?

I take from the deafening silence that’s not too many of you!

Meetings can be the bane of management, as you can probably count on the fingers of one hand those meetings that have been productive and a really good use of your time.

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Clock with year change

MTD Training’s Top 10 Blog Posts Of 2018

Clock with year changeWith 2019 around the corner, it’s time to look back and reflect on what you have achieved this year… 

Maybe you  kicked off your new coaching and mentoring programme? Or  finally started setting SMART objectives for your employees? 

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Businessman with increasing graph

How To Measure Your Return On Talent

Businessman with increasing graphWhen asked to discuss the parameters managers use to assess their own and their department’s performance, the term ROI is often mentioned.

While the returns on investment are critical to the success of any department, there is another measurement we sometimes fail to take into consideration.

Yet it is one facet of our business that, if overlooked, can have a far-reaching effect on the results we achieve and the potential for future growth.

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Unlocking wooden figures with keys

Easy Ways Of Tapping Into The Potential Of Your Team Members

Unlocking wooden figures with keysOn some of our courses, we often ask managers ‘How many of you have got people in your team who have the potential to produce better work than they are showing at the moment?’

Normally, every hand goes up.

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