How To Get Your Emails Read

Psychologists are confirming that our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Many people put it down to what they call the ‘Sky News’ effect…bite-sized chunks of information delivered in record time, to allow people to get on with their lives, chock full of information.

To Motivate, Get Them Involved And Contributing

A survey among 2,000 workers undertaken by staff development company European Leaders revealed that a huge two thirds failed to understand their company’s vision, which had a negative impact on their motivation and productivity. It also contributed to the fact that a mere 18% would describe their employer as a ‘good’ organisation to work for.[…..]

Want Employee Loyalty? Recognise Their Worth!

I read a piece from John Sylvester recently that said the Number 1 reason employees leave a company is from lack of recognition. Not sure if you would all agree with that, as some managers I’ve recently talked to say their people are leaving for more money. But isn’t that exactly the same thing? If they[…..]

Lessons from A Hollywood Great – How Persistance Can Pay Off

You wouldn’t normally put the actor Robert Redford at the top of your pile of management advisors, but he has a surprising literacy when it comes to identifying system improvements and corporate power politics. Harvard Business Review commented that ‘Redford’s multi-faceted approach to change includes developing grass-roots initiatives, earning credibility and success leverage, practicing the[…..]

How To Make Knowledge Management Work For You

Knowledge Management is a key requisite in today’s business world. Without a solid system of managing what knowledge is available to you within the company, you run the risk of losing valuable information, of people hiding behind the security screen that acts as a buffer for their insecurities in sharing information, and of people learning[…..]

To Blog Or Not To Blog? That Is The Question

I’m surprised by how many of our delegates on management courses say their companies don’t blog, or if they do,they are spasmodic and not measured as to their effectiveness. Some benefits that can be achieved through corporate blogging include: Increasing awareness of your company and your brand Establishing your company as an authority in your[…..]

10 Steps To Empowerment

Your team can offer valuable assistance in achieving your goals and objectives, but only when they are given the opportunity to do so. Many managers are reluctant to offer more power to the team because it is risky and diminishes their control. But it is also motivational and offers more opportunities for growth and advancement.

News or No News? Rather, It’s How You Want Your News

The death of the British Newspaper, the News of the World, this week, opens not only a debate on ethics, but also a deeper one regarding the whole social media of news and news gathering. Fewer people today than ever actually read a newspaper.

Exercises To Improve Communication Skills

We do many communication exercises on our courses, and delegates like them because they are fun, easy to assimilate and transfer into the workplace, and give them an opportunity to improve this important skill in a safe environment. Here are some exercises we use. Take a look and see if you and your team would[…..]