The Skills A Top Quality Manager Needs Today

“We should take care not to make intellect our god. It has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality. It cannot lead, it can only serve.” – Albert Einstein Not a lot of people know this, but¬†we’re stuck with whatever intelligence quotient (IQ) we’ve got. The good news for many of us is that our[…..]

Great Questions To Ask At Interview

  Few things can waste more valuable time and resources or cause more morale problems than mismatching the person and the job. As a busy manager, you want to get the most out of your people while protecting your investment in their training.

When Was The Last Time You Sharpened Your Saw?

One of my long-time gurus died suddenly this summer. Dr Steven Covey has been an inspiration to me with his writings, his speeches and his ideas for many, many years. He has affected and inspired many millions and his passing was a great shock for all.

The Key to Professional Excellence

What is it that sets the excellent apart from the rest? What drives the best managers to improve themselves and achieve a level of performance that exudes confidence and builds respect?

Build Creativity and Innovation In Your Team

Being creative is a skill that many managers would like to develop within their people, as it enables them to see situations, events, people and results in unique ways. Creative people make connections that others miss and look for opportunities that others overlook. Creative and innovative people combine to create a culture in which new[…..]

The One Word That Ensures Commitment To Improvement

Leading team members to improve their performance is probably the biggest topic of conversation that we have on our management courses. Most managers ask how they can encourage people to accept responsibility for their own performance, rather than having to force or tell people what to do. The ‘tell-tell-tell’ culture is still endemic in many[…..]

How to Develop a Culture of Innovation

How innovative is the culture within your team? When we discuss that subject with managers, we often get negative responses because¬† they feel that innovation and creativity belong to the ‘out-there’ types of business, committed to blue-sky thinking and with their heads in the clouds.