How To Deal With Workplace Communication Overload

Technology can be a wonderful thing when it makes life easier. Unfortunately in workplace communication, technology has in some ways made it harder by providing too much. One of the many challenges managers now face is the amount of communication they are expected to deal with. Read on to learn some key techniques to reduce[…..]

How Do You Know When An Employee Is Ready For Promotion?

Before even considering someone for promotion it is recommended that you first know the reasons NOT to promote someone. These include; because they work hard, they need the money, you like them because they are like you or you want to stop them leaving!

How Can We Reduce Mistakes?

There was a very interesting Horizon’s programme on BBC2 recently that discussed how surgeons have looked at other professionals who work under pressure to see how they have found ways to reduce their mistakes.

Effective Team Management Skills – Video Blog

Today we’re going back to basics with some simple tips on how to effectively manage your team. There are certain key skills that any modern manager needs in order to be fully effective in their role and to be able to manage and lead the individuals in their team, and their team as a whole,[…..]

7 Key Causes Of Conflict In The Workplace

Conflict is a part of life and is as normal as breathing. As human beings we are so unique from each other with different needs that it is amazing we don’t have more disagreements!

Management vs Leadership – Infographic

It is the age old debate; management vs leadership, which one is better? Well, if you ask most modern day managers and leaders they will tell you that both have their strengths and weaknesses and that different situations call for you to either manage or lead your team.

Managing Different Personalities – Part Four

In this final article of the four part series we look at how to manage people with an amiable personality. In the first three parts we looked at employees whose dominant characteristics were those of analytical, expressive or driver personality. Each of these simple personality categories are based upon those identified in the book, People[…..]

Are You An Insecure Leader?

It is often surprising to hear how many insecure leaders there are. Admittedly this is usually at the beginning of someone’s managerial career when they don’t know what they are doing.

Managing Different Personalities – Part Three

In the first two articles in this four part series we looked at how to manage people with the personality traits of analytical and then expressive people. These are two of four simple personality categories based upon those discussed in the book People Styles At Work by Robert and Dorothy Bolton.