5 Ways To Prepare For A Tricky Appraisal

Although appraisals can be motivating and empowering when you meet with certain employees, that’s not always the case. When you have a team member who has been underperforming, the meeting is likely not going to be pleasant for you or the individual.

5 Ways Appraisals Can Motivate Staff

Appraisals don’t have to be dreaded by either staff members or management. Although they often have a bad rep, and have employees worried for weeks about possible negative feedback, employers should re-conceptualise this as an opportunity rather than a “review.”

How Important Is Communication In Project Management?

A project has many moving parts and various individuals who are working on it. As such, the person tasked with leading the project must stay on top of all developments and make sure that every participant understands the goals of the task and how best to accomplish them.

5 Skills ALL Managers Will Need In 2025

The working world is moving at such a fast pace, that managers have a hard time staying abreast of all the new trends. From millennials entering the workforce, technological advances that have led to globalisation and artificial intelligence, it’s vital to look ahead and anticipate the skills you will need in the next 5-10 years[…..]

5 Things Managers Should Never Say To Their Team

Managers play a large role in their organisations, not only in terms of delegation and strategy, but in how much stress they can parlay unto their colleagues. One study found that 7 out of 10 employees blame their boss for increasing their stress levels.

This Is Why You Should Never Second Guess Your Decisions

Making decisions is not easy, although it seems like that for some people. You surely have friends or worked with individuals who seem not to have an issue with making quick decisions, but if you are not that kind of a person, don’t worry as you can learn to be. In management, the ability to[…..]