5 Key Qualities Of A Team Leader

Becoming a team leader is often people’s first experience of management responsibility. With many team leaders being promoted from within the team because they were good team members, they face a challenging time.

Why Identifying Barriers To Communication Can Help You

We’ve all come across those situations where we think we’ve communicated effectively and yet it’s obvious there’s been some mis-interpretation or mis-understanding. No matter how well we think we communicate, barriers exist, and it’s necessary to not only understand what they are and why they exist, but also what we can do about them.

Best Customer Service Examples And What You Can Learn From Them

What is it about customer service that sets companies apart from the rest? The fact is that it is no longer the quality of our products and services that will get us the sale and ultimately the profits. Customers’ expectations have risen exponentially over the years, so a quality product will only get us onto[…..]