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4 Things Great HR Managers Do Daily

choose HRHR managers have a wide array of responsibilities, but they ultimately upkeep the corporate culture, work directly with employees and put out fires.

While every company creates an individual job description for this position, anyone who has worked in HR knows that there is no limit to what needs to be done.

There isn’t a HR training course “out there” that can 100% prepare a HR Manager for their role but based on our experience there are some areas that they can look at to get them ahead.

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What Is Your Listening Style

What Is Your Listening Style? – Infographic

There are 4 well known listening styles that people employ depending on the type of person that they are and what primarily motivates them.

We discuss these 4 main listening styles in the infographic below to help you work out what style you are most prone to – and give you an insight into other listening styles you might come across in the workplace when communicating with your employees. Learn More

Unhappy customers refusing contract

3 Don’ts When Dealing With A Customer Complaint

Unhappy customers refusing contractAs a customer service manager, it is not a question of whether you will have to deal with customer complaints, but how you will deal with them.

Although you should treat each complaint individually, you should have a strategy in place for handling complaints to leave the client happy, but also protect your organisation and brand.

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word Coach on paper

How To Train Staff In Customer Service

word Coach on paperCustomer service is imperative for establishing and maintaining a loyal customer base.

In organisations where employees interact with clients directly, managers need to train staff to provide excellent customer service.
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How To Chair A Meeting

Meeting SkillsWhen you’re planning to chair a meeting, how do you feel?

Excited, anticipating the energy that will flow around the room, buzzing with the ideas that people will come up with?

Or dreading it, hoping that you can cancel it, and get on with something that will be a better use of your time?

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Alarm clock showing time with pen and paper

8 Tips For Time Management

Alarm clock showing time with pen and paperTime is a precious commodity, and it is especially so in working life.

Managers unanimously complain that they don’t have enough time in the day to effectively manage their teams, handle their workload and attend to customers.

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17 Top Management Skills

Management skillsAlthough it is impossible to pinpoint the one thing that sets apart a great manager from a mediocre one, there are clearly different skills, ideas and opinions that set apart effective leaders from ineffective ones.

The question that we get asked the most in our management training courses for “What are the top skills that a manager should have?” Below are the 17 top management skills that you should add to your virtual toolbox in order to improve your leadership abilities.

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Will Management Training Provide Me With 100% ‘Protection’ From Making Mistakes?

Mistake The answer to the question above is of course no but I like to think of management training as a bit like wearing leathers and a helmet when riding a motorbike.

They won’t stop you crashing but they will offer a level of protection far greater than not wearing them at all! Learn More