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Relaxed informal IT business startup company meeting. Team leader discussing and brainstorming new approaches and ideas with colleagues. Startup business and entrepreneurship concept.

5 Key Qualities Of A Team Leader

Relaxed informal IT business startup company meeting.

Becoming a team leader is often people’s first experience of management responsibility. With many team leaders being promoted from within the team because they were good team members, they face a challenging time. Learn More

Communication Skills vs. Interpersonal Skills

group of people negotiate at the desk

Previously, we have discussed the various skills important to effective management.

Each is important as you work on your personal management skills and leadership development.

Today we’ll take a brief look at the differences between communication and interpersonal skills.

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Road Barrier With Hard Hat And Traffic Cone On Laptop Keypad

Why Identifying Barriers To Communication Can Help You

Road Barrier With Hard Hat And Traffic Cone On Laptop KeypadWe’ve all come across those situations where we think we’ve communicated effectively and yet it’s obvious there’s been some mis-interpretation or mis-understanding.

No matter how well we think we communicate, barriers exist, and it’s necessary to not only understand what they are and why they exist, but also what we can do about them. Learn More

Best Customer Service Examples And What You Can Learn From Them

Business Strategy diagramWhat is it about customer service that sets companies apart from the rest?

The fact is that it is no longer the quality of our products and services that will get us the sale and ultimately the profits. Customers’ expectations have risen exponentially over the years, so a quality product will only get us onto the ball-park, not win us the game. Learn More

What Is Resilience Training And How To Build It?

Angry womanOne word that is continually raising its head above the parapet and finding its way into our daily lexicon is ‘resilience’.

Once seen as the domain of spiritual gurus and meditation sessions, it is now becoming mainstream in many businesses.

And it’s not surprising, as we encounter the most stressful times in business. Learn More

Office team

The 10 Best Phrases To Use Around Your Team

Motivated office teamExcellent communication in the office is imperative.

What you say (and what you don’t say) to your employees greatly influences the corporate culture, their satisfaction with work, productivity levels and loyalty to the company.

Some say that with texting, emails and “Whatsapping” that the art of true conversation, i.e something that comes out of your mouth, is lost!

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How To Manage Diversity Effectively In The Workplace

Photo thumbsRemember Barney?

Yes – the purple dinosaur who’s been either your own or your child’s best friend?

“Barney & Friends” is one of the finest examples of diversity that comes to mind.

With the perfect representation of all ethnicities, genders and varying age groups – Barney couldn’t really go wrong when it came to inclusion! Learn More

angry woman talking

How To Deal With Customer Complaints

Angry womanNo matter how good your sales process is or the quality of your products, there will inevitably come a time when you have to deal with a customer complaint.

This could happen for many, many reasons.

The standards that people expect today from business has exponentially grown over the years and if you don’t keep up with those requirements, you may find yourself receiving more and more complaints.

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