A Radical Experiment In Employee Self-Management

Ricardo Semler was just 23 years-old when, in 1982, he took over from his father as CEO of Semco, an engineering and high-end industrial products company in Brazil. He immediately fired two-thirds of the company’s senior management.

Create A Company Where Everyone Wants To Work

There seems to be something in organisations today that lowers the creativity of people, something that almost sucks the positive and latent abilities out of them. The cause? Today’s management processes that drive discipline, economy, rationality and order, and place little or no value on originality, passion, non-conformity and potential.

Self-Managed Teams – The Myths and The Reality

LandRover and BodyShop in the UK have led the way in a change process that has drawn attention from other companies and industries. It’s not a new concept, but one that has gathered momentum recently.

The World Has Lost a Great Leader

On Monday, the world lost a great leader. Stephen R Covey lost his fight for life after being in hospital following a cycling accident in May. He was 79.

How To Create Market Value Through People

Paradoxically, the financial performance of your department or business is not something you should attempt to directly control. It is better achieved by providing superior service to the market place.

How to Have an Effective Brainstorming Session

Brainstorming is a great way to develop a large number of ideas from a group of people in a short period of time. It can provide valuable information for market development, tackling organisational problems and any kind of problem-solving or opportunity-seeking situations.

Quality Questions You May Be Asked At Interviews

So, you’re about to start interviewing for that new position. You’ve checked the CVs and got a shortlist of people that you’re sure will be of benefit to the company, as long as they get through this short interview OK.

Can You Fire Someone Without The Pain?

I was reading an article by Margaret Heffernan about how to fire someone. She says it’s important to manage the exit with dignity and kindness. Your ability to do so can hugely improve your standing in the business and actually raise morale. She learned this lesson when she had to lose an employee who had[…..]