3 Quick Tips On Writing A Killer Professional Bio

Every executive, entrepreneur and up-and-coming professional needs to have a professional bio. Whether this will be used on the company’s website, personal LinkedIn account or an individual portfolio, this document is important to highlight experience, skills and education.

3 Handy Tools That Will Improve Your Productivity

Technology has been so integrated into our daily lives that we use apps on our phones or tablets to find local restaurants, communicate with others, watch videos and even shop. The problem is that the access to a wealth of apps uses up our valuable time that we need to spend working.

3 Things ALL Successful People Do At The Weekend

There are so many articles with advice on how successful people work – tips on how to organise one’s time, how to delegate, how to make decisions and how to lead others – but what do these individuals do on their time off? Are their weekends filled with different activities than the rest of us?

5 Quick Tips On Making Your Business Card More Attractive

A business card is just a small piece of paper, but it can mean the difference between landing an important client or making a vital connection or not. Although the wording and the layout of these documents are typically pretty standard, read this article to consider how to perfect your business card.

Use This Management Model To Improve Your Daily Decision Making

Although it may take a long time to pronounce it, The Vroom-Yetton-Jago Normative Leadership Decision Model’s aim is to save you time by making the decision-making process faster and easier. While some people are able to make decisions on the spot without second guessing themselves, this ability is not innate to all of us.

3 Communication Skills ALL Managers Need

Whether you have just been promoted to a managerial role, or you are simply looking to improve your leadership skills, most sources will tell you the most important skill all managers need is good communication. It’s easy enough to say that leaders must be able to explain their thoughts clearly and listen to their staff,[…..]