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Happy Gold New Year

The Top 10 Management Blog Posts Of 2017 As Voted For By You!

Happy Gold New YearWhat have you achieved in 2017?

It’s been a great year for MTD having won the CIPD Best HR/L&D Supplier 2017 & the Personnel Today Best HR Supplier Partnership Award Winner 2017 .

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family and you wood

3 Talent Management Trends That Will Shape The Future

family and you woodThe workplace is ever changing, and ways of managing talent have to adapt in order to keep up with innovations and changes.

Currently, the instant dissemination of information, the ability to work from anywhere and globalisation are some of the most important trends impacting organisations and their employees.

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Woman holding notebook

4 Essential Management Skills For New Managers

Woman holding notebook

Being a manager is never an easy job, but being a new manager is especially difficult.

Whether you have just been promoted to a leadership position or have switched jobs and started managing a new team, this career move comes with certain challenges.

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Businesswoman Leader In Modern office

4 Habits To Become A More Effective Leader

Businesswoman Leader In Modern officeDo you want to be a simple manager or a highly effective leader?

Do you want to be followed by your staff members only because they have to, or do you want to command respect by your actions and empower employees with your skills and commitment?

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portrait of a man holding a clock

The 4 Best Time Management Techniques For Better Productivity

portrait of a man holding a clockBeing productive is a skill that can drastically change your time management, efficiency and free up your time.

Who wouldn’t want to handle their existing responsibilities smarter and faster?

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meeting in office

How The Best Managers Plan Effective Meetings

meeting in officeMeetings are important in order for managers to get together with their teams, bounce around ideas, collaborate and promote a positive corporate culture.

Why then do most employees and leaders both dread meetings?

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team sitting in a lesson

The 3 Main Reasons Why Team Building Should Be Done Off-Site

team sitting in a lessonTeam building activities and events should be interwoven in your company culture.

Effective teamwork has been proven to offer a myriad of benefits to your organisation, such as more productivity, higher sales, better team cohesion, happier company culture, less employee turnover and more loyal employees.

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PT today

MTD Win Personnel Today Best HR Partnership Award

PT Awards   PT Awards

It was another fantastic night at Grosvenor Place in November and my team scooped our 2nd major award of 2017.

This time we won Best HR Partnership in the Personnel Today Awards.

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