The Whole Brain Model – How Our Thinking Is Different To Others

Most people you meet will have a different way of seeing things to you. How they make decisions, solve problems, assimilate information, etc., will be different to you becasue they will have preferences that don’t match yours. When you recognise these different thinking patterns, you can improve communication, management, leadership and decision-making to improve all[…..]

List Of Indispensible Qualities Of A Leader

In his great book “21 Indispensible Qualities of a Leader”, John Maxwell describes what he considers to be the essential elements that make a great manager and leader. He has studied management for nearly 25 years and has come up with this list of qualities that I think optimises management skills just about perfectly.

10 Steps To Creating A Customer-Focused Culture

Many people who manage teams in customer service are aware of the need to display vision and customer focus in their businesses, but less people are able to apply this in the real-world atmosphere of the hot-house business. To create a culture takes time and effort. And you can’t demand this quality service from people;[…..]

How to Handle Aggressive People

No matter how assertive you may be, you will still come across people who decide that being aggressive is the best way to handle a situation. It’s their choice. They choose to behave that way. What can you do if you face a customer, colleague, or other person who decides to use this form of[…..]

10 Biggest Mistakes Made in Business Today

There’s no doubting that these are trying times for every business, as they struggle to achieve the goals that were originally set by them in the good old days before credit crunches, recessions, global downturns and the like.

How To Persuade Effectively And Ethically

You have to exert influence in many ways on different people many times a day, whether it’s your boss, customers, staff, stakeholders, suppliers, colleagues or others. When you think about it, persuading is just another form of selling. If you need to influence another person, it means that currently they either don’t have the knowledge[…..]

Communication Lessons From The Two Ronnies

I saw that very funny sketch on TV the other day, where commedians Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett acted out a communication mismatch scene that epitomises so effectively how so much business is conducted today. Put your speakers or headphones on, press the play button and enjoy again…

Improve Your Career Prospects By Reading Effectively

Francis Bacon wrote, “Reading makes a full man” and Emerson wrote, “It’s a good reader that makes a good book”. Reading is one of the core skills of any good communicator. Our trainers will often ask delegates how many books have they got in their personal library, and they are often surprised by how few[…..]